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Please follow these steps to submit mileage:

  • Get approval from your supervisor for your mileage
  • Fill out the mileage reimbursement section of the DER Travel Form
  • Submit the travel form to Nancy Baca (via campus mail or email)
    • Include your full legal name
    • Dates of when you drove
    • Destination
    • Reason for travel
    • Roundtrip mileage (use Mapquest to determine mileage from your office building to destination)

Please follow these steps to submit for travel approval:

  • Get approval from your supervisor for your travel
  • Contact Nancy Baca to begin the travel authorization process with the following information documented on the DER Travel Form
    • Full legal name (as it appears on your Driver’s License/Passport)
    • Date of Birth
    • Flight cost
    • Travel dates & location
    • Reason for travel
    • Destination
    • Hotel estimate
    • Rental car estimate
    • Roundtrip mileage (unless using Motorpool vehicle)
    • Request for food per diem
    • Taxi/shuttle costs
    • Airport parking costs
    • Any other travel needs (Motorpool vehicle, travel advance, conference registration, etc.)

Travel Arrangements

Staff members will need to arrange their hotel, flight, and rental car reservations and provide this information to Nancy Baca to complete the travel authorization. For all hotel reservations, ask for a state/government rate and tell them the reservation will be tax exempt. Tax exempt information can be provided by Nancy Baca. Typically the hotel will have separate forms to fill out so make sure this is completed prior to arrival and you have a copy with you.

Rental Car

  • In-state: Contact Nancy Baca to arrange a CSU MotorPool Vehicle.
  • Out-of-state: If a rental car is needed for out of state travel, please use the rental car information located on the CSU Travel Office website to follow the proper protocol in securing reservations from the approved rental car agencies. Provide rental arrangement information to Nancy Baca.
  • Rental Car Insurance


  • To reserve flights, please work with Karen Hopf at New Horizon Travel.
    • (970) 223-7400 extension 7006
    • Once flights are decided, please contact Nancy Baca to provide account number and TEM numbers to Karen.

Per Diem (Meals)

  • A per diem will be provided for dates of travel. If staff travel to a conference or event in which meals are provided, der diem will not be provided for those meals.

Travel Reimbursements

Reimbursements will be submitted upon completion of travel. Please provide all receipts (hotel, flight, car rental, taxi/shuttle, airport parking, etc.

Citibank Visa State Travel Cards are available for staff. For more information, please visit the CSU Travel Office website or contact Nancy Baca.

Please contact Nancy Baca or the CSU Travel Office with any questions or concerns that relate to your travel needs.