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The CARE program provides employees* with information about, and referrals to, agencies and organizations in Northern Colorado who provide low-cost or no-cost services in the areas of:

  • Physical and mental healthcare
  • Food, clothing and other household necessities
  • Dependent care and elder care
  • Services for the disabled
  • Housing, including emergency food and shelter
  • Education
  • Transportation
  • Pets
  • And other support services

The CARE Program is free and available to CSU employees.

Contact CARE

Use this website to find a directory of resources for common concerns, or make an appointment to speak with us about your needs or the needs of a fellow employee.

Colorado State University’s Commitment to Campus encompasses a wide range of programs, discounts, and special benefits available to CSU faculty and staff. These opportunities are offered to:

  • Promote employee health, wellness, and personal advancement
  • Engage employees in the life of the University
  • Connect employees and students outside the classroom
  • Enrich participation in campus programs, classes, and events

Commitment to Campus benefits include employee tuition assistance, special ticketing discounts for Athletic events and University Center for the Arts performances, child care services, veterinary care, and more!

CSU Life if a faculty and staff monthly publication that is overseen by our own Kate Jeracki and written by her student team.  Each month you will receive a printed copy mailed to your campus mailbox. To read the latest edition of CSU Life online, visit their website.

The Employee Assistance Program offers additional resources for some of life’s exciting endeavors or unexpected challenges. Need assistance planning a vacation, finding child care or purchasing a car? What about obtaining information on writing a will or caring for an elderly parent? The Employee Assistance Program at CSU is offering an exciting new benefit called FamilySource to help employees work out some of the more complex and time-consuming issues in their lives.

(Around the Horn, Parking, MAX, HR rentable cars) Whether you are heading to a meeting across campus, having a bite to eat at the Lory Student Center, or picking up tickets for an Athletic event, there are multiple ways to get around campus.  To plan your route to your destination, you may want to check out the interactive CSU map.

  • Parking permits are available for purchase through the Parking Services office located in the South Parking Garage.  Parking permits for staff are noted as “A” permits and are active August 1, 2016 through July 31, 2017.  Contact Parking Services for additional information.
  • Around the Horn is an excellent option to navigate campus year round.  The Around the Horn shuttle route is a continuous loop throughout campus. During spring and fall semesters buses arrive every 10 minutes at each stop.
  • CSU and the City of Fort Collins have partnered to provide University Staff members free Transfort passes. Staff members can use their employee IDs to ride any bus route, including the MAX Transit line.  For more information about bus routes and times visit Transfort’s website or download the Transfort App on your smart phone.
  • Bicycling around campus is a breeze.  In fact, it is the most common mode of transportation on campus.  The Fort Collins community is bicycle friendly (and there are many scenic trails throughout Fort Collins) as many streets have bicycle lanes and special traffic lights to accommodate bicycle traffic.  Once you register your bicycle with the CSU Police Department you may park in any bicycle parking area on campus.
  • Need a bicycle tune up?  Check out The Spoke, CSU’s  living lab, which focuses on CSU’s bicycle maintenance and educational services for all University students, faculty and staff.

Neighbor to Neighbor

CSU is partnering with the local nonprofit organization called Neighbor to Neighbor (N2N), which will directly assist faculty and staff with information and access to housing services. Find N2N’s campus office in the Lory Student Center, Room 274, inside the Off-Campus Life office.

Colorado State University’s premiere site for all news and stories, events, and campus announcements is called SOURCE.  Students, Faculty and Staff will receive bi-weekly emails with the latest headlines during the school year and weekly when class is in recess.  The website is updated daily with new information and is maintained by our External Relations staff. Did you know that each CSU College also has their own SOURCE page?

Need to purchase office supplies, file a mileage reimbursement, request a new RamCard, or order Business Cards? Look no further. While there are many items that you need to produce the best work you can each day, these are just a few examples of our frequently asked about items. Our processes and procedures have been crafted to streamline processes and allow staff members to quickly navigate the “How To’s” in our division.

  • Office Supplies – Office supplies are ordered quarterly in bulk for our staff. Office supplies are located in designated areas in each of our offices.  To be conscious of our budget and supply, we order in bulk and keep our items to general office supplies (notepads, pens, pencils, folders, sticky notes, etc.). Staff who would like to request an item(s) that is not part of our normal supplies order must obtain purchase approval from their supervisor as well as an account number from which the item’s cost will be paid.  Then, our Admin team will be happy to assist with the purchase.
  • RamCards are provided to every CSU employee.  Each new staff member will receive their RamCard as part of their new employee onboarding.  If a replacement card is needed, please contact Laura Hamrick or 970-491-4823.
  • Travel reimbursements or personal reimbursements are processed by our accounting team.  Please visit the accounting website for more details.
  • Ordering business cards is a breeze.  The easy to use online template allows for customization of your cards to feature a design of your choice and contact information.  All business card orders must receive purchase approval from your supervisor.  For more information, contact Juliana Hissrich.

If you are concerned about someone in the campus community, you can use the Tell Someone website ( or call (970) 491-1350 to make an anonymous referral. To report a bias-related incident, use the Incident of Bias reporting system at or call (970) 491-1350. In both cases, professionals on campus will follow up to offer resources as appropriate.