CSU's Freshman class of 2021 gather for a group photo on the field of the new football stadium during 2017 Ram Welcome, August 18, 2017

The Division of External Relations centers themselves around campus engagement and outreach.  Our staff works collaboratively to bring the image and brand of Colorado State University to life.  Our division consists of over 75 staff members from diverse professional backgrounds, each bringing a different view of creativity to share the story of Colorado State University to our internal and external community.


  • Summer is in full swing! Cornhole and putt putt golf are available for check-out at the Fulfillment Center. Need some shade? Check out the Oval!
  • June pay date for salaried team members who are paid monthly will be the last business day of June.  For more information, please visit the SOURCE story.
  • Did you know that as CSU staff and faculty you can rent outdoor gear from The Rec? Items include (but not limited to) backpack & camping gear, hammocks, mountaineering & climbing gear. Learn more information at the CSU Rec Center Outdoor Programs.
  • Two-step authentication is in full effect for all users logging in remotely.  This affects those who use Pulse Secure or the secure portal.  To set you up for success, follow the steps here to get your device registered. Questions? Ask our IT staff members for assistance.
  • Call for proposals for the 2018 Diversity Symposium held Oct. 2-4.  Proposals should include a session abstract of no more than 150 words and a presenter bio of no more than 100 words by June 30, 2018.  Visit the proposal submission site for more details.


  • Happy birthday to Ashley M., Stacy, Dawood, Kris, Steve, Lauren, John, Devin, Carly, Tom, Emma, Kimberly, Andre, and Tiana!

Happening this month

Fiscal Year Deadlines – Accounting Team

  • Requisitions for goods or services not requiring competition (under $25,000) for FY18 need submitted by May 20th.
  • Sarah will invoice clients June 1st, 8th, 15th and 22nd.  If you need an invoice sent after the 22nd please forward the job number to Sarah.
  • DER Accounting Team will close out for the year on Thursday, June 28th.
  • All vendor invoices paid in FY18 will need the revenue collected in FY18.  And reverse that, all revenue collected in FY18 will need the vendor invoice paid in FY18.
  • It’s very important to please note FY19 on all invoices to be paid in FY19 otherwise they will be paid in FY18.
  • Deadline for invoices paid to vendors in FY18 is July 2nd.
  • DER Accounting Team can process significant revenue (over $1,000) until July 5th with an account number from the department (no IO’s please).  Please make sure the vendor invoices on these jobs are submitted by July 2nd.  If not, we will not be able to collect the revenue.
  • Please wait until July 10th to mark any jobs for FY19 ready for accounting.

Fiscal Year – Travel Deadlines

  • June 15 – Ghost Card (airline tickets) need to be ordered by June 15 for FY18 travel
  • June 26 – All travel documents with FY18 end date (July 1, 2017 through June 30, 2018) need to be submitted and approved by the department and in the Travel Department’s approval que by June 26. *This includes mileage reimbursements.

HR Deadlines

  • June 5 – May leave requests and non-exempt salaried time must be entered into TimeClock Plus
  • June 11 – Approval deadline for May leave requests and electronic timesheets (supervisors)
  • June 12 – Bi-weekly hours approval deadline for Pay Period Ending 6/8/18 (supervisors)
  • June 26 – Bi-weekly hours approval deadline for Pay Period Ending 6/22/18 (supervisors)

Unapproved time and leave cannot be processed and may lead to an employee not receiving full pay. Please assist Human Resources and all of your University colleagues by, as an employee, entering and, if you are a supervisor, approving time and leave by the above dates.

Training materials, including documents with screenshots, narrated demonstration videos and full recordings of live training sessions are available at http://hrs.colostate.edu/timeclockplus#guides.

Staying “In the Know”

The Loop

CSU is a pretty busy place and Creative Services is perpetually bouncing from one project to the next. As a result, we don’t take a lot of time to pause for deep breaths and rounds of celebratory high fives. The Loop is our opportunity to share the latest in branding, design, and strategy with the CSU communications community.

We’ll be reaching out every so often with a peek at the latest and greatest, and a little bit of the process behind it. We’ll also include a few thought-starters that might help inspire your communications plan. Every day, we’re asking different kinds of questions that lead to new strategies that move CSU forward. Through this process, we’re constantly learning and evolving. We invite you to join us on that journey. Click here to view The Loop’s latest updates


Campus news, announcements, events, and college-based information is be found on SOURCE and updated daily.