The Division of External Relations centers themselves around campus engagement and outreach.  Our staff works collaboratively to bring the image and brand of Colorado State University to life.  Our division consists of over 75 staff members from diverse professional backgrounds, each bringing a different view of creativity to share the story of Colorado State University to our internal and external community.


  • Congratulations, Allie! Allie has accepted a permanent assignment with Creative Services.
  • Welcome new interns! Michael Quinn (social media), Esmeralda and Xavier (photo), Lena and Drew (Public Relations), Troy (FastPrint), Paige (Creative Services).
  • Welcome Bryan R! Bryan will assist Frank with video archiving.
  • Welcome Ben W! Ben will assist Brian B. with video projects in Creative Services.
  • Happy birthday to Kerry, Laura, Doug, Anne, Tony, Colleen, Darin, Steve H.!

Happening this month


  • November 5 – October leave requests and non-exempt salaried time must be entered into TimeClock Plus
  • November 10 – Approval deadline for October leave requests and electronic timesheets
  • November 10 – Return all Admin Pro mid-year performance review signature sheets to Laura
  • November 13 – Bi-weekly hours approval deadline for Pay Period Ending 11/10/17
  • November 28 – Bi-weekly hours approval deadline for Pay Period Ending 11/24/17

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